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Welcome to my blog!

Are you looking for something to make you laugh?  Help you relax?

Then check out the Funny side.

Or is real life your thing? Stories about people?

You can find that in the Serious side.

I chose the blog name Writing Both Sides because life has a serious side and a funny side.

I enjoy writing about each.

My most recent published work, Fog Zombies, An Undead Spoof, follows an earlier work, Love in the Time of Rising Gas Prices, a Romantic Spoof.  Yes, I like poking fun at things.

I invite you to take a preview. They can be found here:

Fog Zombies

Love in the Time of Rising Gas Prices

Before all that, I was 1st Place Winner in the October/November 2011 “America’s Funniest Humor!”(TM) Writing Contest by, one of the Internet’s highest-ranking humor contest sites (so I was told).

My entry, “An Inside Look At Financial Planning,” takes a fun look at key financial terms such as Common Stock, Cash Flow, Liquidity, and NASDAQ, to name a few, and can be found at

I can be reached on Facebook, by email at, and Twitter @vincentbracco.

Stay as long as you like.  We’ll order pizza.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

If you feel like it, please post a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Tell your friends, co-workers, people you’ve been dating online.

I’ll keep writing.

And remember, always find time to laugh!


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